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       Established in 2010, Guangzhou Yuetian Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating mechanical and electrical equipment sales and technical maintenance services in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Professional agent in China for water ring vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and various vacuum units, as well as Korean JEC pump, Japanese Bingshen pump, American Zenit gear pump, American Tessel gear pump, German Frison pump, German Welle pump, German Schmitz, American ABB motor, German Nord reducer, Taiwan Zhongding. Valves, German Siemens Electric Appliances, French Schneider Electrical Appliances, German Gates Belt, German Horse Belt, etc. Performance is mainly distributed in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials, food, building materials and other industrial manufacturing equipment and various spare parts.



  • Water ring pump and rotary vane pump model how to choose?
    03-10 2021

    1. water ring vacuum pump (water ring pump for short) model is determined according to the different process requirements. Need main technical parameters of the process required in the process of vacuum extraction rate (i.e., pumping speed)...

  • Vacuum check valve installed in front of the outlet valve or
    03-05 2021

    Check valve, also known as check valve, is an automatic valve, it depends on the pressure of the flow medium in the pipeline to promote the valve disc, to achieve the valve closed and open, when the medium stops flowing, check valve disc cl...

  • The five major aspects of the correct selection of screw pum
    02-03 2021

    Because of its variable transmission, self-priming ability is strong, reversible, can transport liquid containing solid particles and other characteristics, in sewage treatment plants, is widely used in the transport of water, wet sludge an...

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